Leigh Fischer Clinic Update & Schedule

Clinic here  for the clinic schedule.  The weather is suppose to be good through the weekend so we will also be offering xc schooling for an additional $25, but you will have to have someone go with you.  Kyle & I will  available for a limited amount of cross country lessons for a total of $50.  If you’re interested please let me know.  

For those of you who are stabling, help yourself to any stall but keep in mind that you will need to bring your own bedding.  Please leave your stall clean.

We’re asking everyone to either park  behind the small pipe barn or on the west side of the barn up next to the trees or on the east side of the first barn.  Please do not block the drive or spread out too much as there will be people trailering in to school cross country.

If you need to reach before the clinic it is probably best to e-mail me. If it’s Fri or Sat call me on my cell 330-277-6964.

If anyone is interested in bringing food to share for lunch be my guest, but due to Leigh’s time restrictions she will only be having a 15 minute lunch break and we will be eating down at the ring.  For those who are staying overnight or just riding late; you’re welcome to join us for dinner at Mark’s Landing on Fri night.

I’m looking forward to getting some of the rust knocked off before heading out to our first event of the season.



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