“TENTATIVE” Mini Trials Schedule

June 23rd Update

Whew … when my secretary got home from being out of town she had more than 20 entries to process which she won’t be able to get to until after work/ She did give me the divisions and based on that and what we already have barring any changes or mistakes this is what the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE looks like just to give you an idea. If you reserved a day stall and you think you could give it up based on the schedule, please let us know ASAP as we have a waiting list for stalls. You will get a full refund on the stall. Keep in mind that you may come to school any day this week BUT you must schedule time. E-mail me at jackie@stonegatefarm.org or text 330-277-6964.

As you can see the schedule is very tight and the judge from ring 3 is moving to ring 2 to judge a division during that judge’s lunch break; it is imperative that we stay on time! Please know where you are supposed to be and be ready to ride at your scheduled time. You may need to plan your show jumping course walk early as the breaks are short and only between levels.

Below is a link to a tentative schedule; times and stabling assignments will be posted by Thurs evening.



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