2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Winona Horse Trials and we are inviting riders, friends, parents and ALL photographers to share their memories.  Not only will it be fun looking back we have some great prizes as well.  The photos will be judged in the following categories:

  • Action – dressage, show jumping or cross country
  • Candids – behind the scenes that capture the spirit of Eventing and ALL who participate
  • OOPS Moments – the close call, the good save or the actual moment of ‘disaster’
  • Professional pics – can be submitted by either the photographer or the rider
  • Oldest photo

More categories may be added depending on the photos received and additional prizes become available.  There will also be a couple of special prizes.  The first is for anyone who has a picture of me setting show jumping while breastfeeding Kyle OR flying around on a 3 wheeler when I was nearly 8 months pregnant with Kevin.  If no one has any pictures of that; I’m sure you can conjure up an image in your mind, like it or not.  The next one should be a bit easier; the best picture of Dave in his infamous yellow boots!

Below is a list of prizes that we have the following prizes with more coming:



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