June 30 Mini Trials Update

July 30 Update:

  • Road Closure: For those traveling from the north on SR 11; SR 62 is closed between Western Reserve and Calla roads.  It is recommended that you continue on SR 11 to the next exit which is SR 46 for Columbiana.  When you exit you will go north for 1 mile to SR 165.  Turn left on 165 and proceed west to SR 62 which will be a traffic light and turn left.  Proceed to SGF as normal
  • Your ride times and stall assignments can be found on Start Box. Since  We are not printing a program you can view the divisions and access your number Revised Times (as of 11:30 PM Thurs)
  • Due to the number of entries, the schedule is quite tight.  Please be ready to ride at your scheduled time.
  • Additionally, the stabling barn is full ONLY trucks and trailers are allowed to part in the stabling area.
  • Printable cross country maps are now available.  Intro Map, Starter – Very Green Map, Beginner Novice Map, Novice Map, and Training Map
  • since it looks like it’s going to be warm on Sun; look for the water stations in dressage warm up, show jumping, and cross country finish.
  • I looks like we’ll be trying out the new water wagon for the competition 😉

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