The Future of Eventing – Input NEEDED

USAE Meeting pic

The Eventing Summit 2016 – 2026 Town Hall Meeting
is the main reason why I am attending the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention this weekend.  The sport of Eventing has undergone dramatic changes in the last 10-15 years, and the USEA wants to explore how the sport is changing and answer some serious questions facing the future of the sport. They are looking for input from ALL of the members. The USEA Board of Governors will be there to hear what we  have to say and to hear our ideas about the best ways to advance this sport in the next decade.

Please click on the link above and read some of the topics for discussion and if you have anything that you would like shared at the meeting let me know and I will be your voice. Our voices must be heard and you all know that I have a rather loud voice 😉 For those who are not members of the USEA; we NEED to hear from you as well.

In addition to the ‘summit’ there are other meetings that I’m attending that have implications for many of you and for me as an event organizer  and I would like your input on those as well.  Click on the links below for more information and please take a moment to answer a few questions.

Membership Open Meeting

  • Do the people of Western PA who have been swallowed up by Area II without their prior knowledge want to be back in Area VIII? 
  • For those riders who compete at Mini Trials who are not USEA members; why aren’t you members?
  • Starter and Beginner Novice riders; what would it take to get you to participate in a recognized horse trials?
  • Current members; what would you like to see that would make your memberrship more meaningful?

Intercollegiate Eventing Program:

In 2014, the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Board of Governors approved the creation of the Intercollegiate Eventing Program as an official program of the USEA. Originally proposed with input from the Intercollegiate Eventing League, the program was established to provide a framework on which eventing teams and individual competition could flourish at universities and colleges across the country. Collegiate athletic programs have been the training grounds for Olympians, amateur athletes and professional athletes for generations. Enabling students to train in the Olympic sport of Eventing is a natural addition.

Listen to the podcast  on the Intercollegiate Program for more information.


  • College students; are you and/or is your college a collegiate member of the USEA?
  •  Would you be interested in participating in intercollegiate team competitions @ Stone Gate Farm?

Rule Change Open Forum

As our sport continues to change and evolve, so must the rules. Do you see a need for a new rule? Or do you know of a rule that is outdated? Eventers of all levels are invited to participate in this forum. Again if you can’t be present to discuss changes for the future of your sport PLEASE let me know.
Proposals to be discussed this year include:
  • Beginner Novice – Assistance Allowed (BNAA): Come discuss the proposal of this new test division, which would encourage positive riding and make the lower levels more welcoming. Questions??? For those who are not competing at recognized events; why not?  Does something like this appeal to you?  Thoughts, concerns or ideas from all riders please.
  • Modified Level: The addition of a supplementary level that would bridge the gap between the Training and Preliminary Levels. Questions??? How many would be interested in such a division??  I’m not sure if we could justify the cost.
  • DX Eventing:  a two phase competition: dressage and a hybrid of show jumping and cross-country. Question? This would basically be our Jumping Derby with a dressage test.  Would you be interested in an Eventing Derby instead of or in addition to the Jumping Derby?  If we could work out the logistics would you like an Eventing Derby the day before the competition or possibly dressage rides and jumper rounds?

The following are just a heads up:

  • Helmet and Body Protector Standards: Currently the USEF Rules for Eventing does not state a standard required for helmets, however it does recommend one for body protectors. With the new ASTM/SEI Standard released for helmets, the USEA BOG has recommended parallel wording for both pieces of protective equipment.
  • New Vaccination Rule

Together we can guide the direction of the sport.  There is power in numbers so please send me an e-mail with your thoughts and visions for the future of the sport and I will carry them forth to the meeting. Thank you all and I hope to hear from many of you.




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