July 12 SLS Schedule

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow. Sorry this is late, but with the monsoons yesterday I seriously thought we would have to cancel/reschedule. With that being said, please check your e-mail in before leaving home in case we get a ton more rain tonight or it looks too iffy weather wise tomorrow.

If you don’t see your name on the schedule it’s because you didn’t confirm or I just messed up. We certainly can fir you in.

Jan you can ride at 2:00 with Kyle or if you would like to schedule a different day with me we can work that out. Barb & Neville, if you would rather do more of a gymnastic type of lesson you can ride in the 2:00 group.

If we need to reschedule, it will be either Mon or Tues.

Gymnastics with Jackie

9:30 BN Samantha Yates
BN Brenda Reeves

10:30 Starter/BN Brooke Mihalik
Starter/BN Pamela Kendrew
Starter/BN Kerry Varble
Starter/BN Teresa Davis

12:30 Starter Stephanie George
Starter Jane Gillespie
Starter Brenda Reeves
Starter Kerry Varble

2:00 Nov/TRN Wendy Campbell
Nov/TRN Izzy O’Brien

Course Work with Kyle

11:00 Samantha Yates Training
Isabella O’Brien Training
Erin Neville Training
Barbara Lyons-Sprouse Training
Bar & Erin could ride at 2:00 with Jackie

2:00 Jan Yosay dressage

5:00 Grace Gyetko Novice
Heather Krysty Novice

6:00 Jennifer Milliner BN
Amanda Gantz BN
Alexis McKenzie BN


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