The Facilities
Stone Gate Farm is the home of the Smith family; David, Jackie, their two sons, Kyle & Kevin and various cats, dogs, and of course, horses. It was New Years Eve, 1985, when Dave & Jackie hiked around the snow covered hills of an 80 acre farm that was for sale. The house was in bad shape, the barn & other buildings were even worse, the pasture was overgrown and all the tillable acreage was in corn.

Despite all that they saw the possibilities. In 1986, Dave and Jackie became the proud owners of a “fix ‘er upper” farm, and the work began. Since there wasn’t much money left after buying the farm, the improvements were largely limited to what Dave refers to as “B & B”. Everything from old corn cribs to multi flora rose bushes were “burned & buried”. Over the next 20 plus years, the acres of corn and over grown and unusable land have been transformed to an equestrian property that boasts two standard size sand dressage arenas, a large grass show jumping area, 3 stabling barns for up to 70 competitors’ horses, cross country courses from Intro to Preliminary, miles of trails and acres of alfalfa fields. With the addition of a 13 acre and an 18 acre parcel, the farm has grown to 111 acres! Although we are, for the most part, past the “B & B” stage of farm improvements; there always seem to be a project or plans for future projects at the farm.