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Intercollegiate Team Challenge

Findley College Team

Stone Gate Farm is happy to announce that it will be offering an Intercollegiate Team Challenge at both of the recognized horse trials in 2016.


June 15th Combined Test Update

Whew, I think I finally got the CT scheduled.  We went from 25 entries on Mon to nearly 75 entries by Wed.  With multiple rides for horses and people and many scheduling requests it was certainly challenging to schedule.  I did the best I could and I apologize if you didn’t get exactly what you asked for.

The times and entry status are available on the CT page

Volunteers are Desperately NEEDED!!!


  • numbers, scores and ribbons will be available in the dome
  • At this time we are  very short on help and we may very well not have ring stewards.  Please make note who you follow and be ready for your courtesy lap around the inside of the dressage ring as soon as the rider before you does their final salute.
  • Please be ready to ride at your scheduled time as the schedule is tight as I’m sure no one wanted to have an 8:00 am or 5:00 pm ride time. 
  • Riders will access the dressage warm up via the drive and Schneider Rd in the morning.  Afternoon rides may access the warm up between the dome and the drive. 
  • Please do NOT drive past Ring 2 while a test is in progress. That ring will be finished shortly after noon.
  • The on deck horse in the afternoon may use Ring 2 as the final warm up area . 
  • Spectators: please DO NOT duck under the fence by the dome to access Ring 2.  That is very distracting to those competing in ring 1
  • Just a heads up, parking will be in the stabling area and will be extremely tight.  If it looks like we won’t be able to fit everyone in we will post a sign at the top of the hill directing you to park up top by the house. 
  • For those who are stabling, we are asking that you park to the east of the first barn to leave room for those who are coming in the day of the competition.
  • Show Jumping rounds are in block of times and we would prefer numeric order is possible.  For those who are competing in two levels it is suggested that you jump at the end of the first division and the beginning of the second division.
  • the show jumping warm up is very small.  If you are not actively warming up, please hang out at the ends of the arena to allow those who are trying to jump enough room.
  • If you need more time for a flat warm up, you may use the pasture to warm up
  • for those who are going to school cross country, you must have a ground person AND wear a pinney AND please return it when you’re done
  • PLEASE STRIP your stalls!! Thank you
  • Many of you owe money, please make sure you bring payment with you or better yet, make a payment via PayPal
  • Those rides that are highlighted on the schedule and they will have extra time at teh end of both their dressage and jumping rounds
  • Additional jumper rounds are available
  • farm maps are located on the Horse Trials page

Looks like we’re going to have a great day for the competition … hope everyone has fun!!