Event Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can I bring a second horse and what can I do with it?

Answer:  The simple answer it yes, but there are a few different scenarios.

  • You may choose to bring a second horse and register for two full sessions (4 lessons/day) and would pay for TWO full registrations less a $50 discount
  • You may choose to bring a second horse and rotate which one you ride in lessons.  There is an additional $100 for stabling.
  • You may bring a second horse and not ride in lessons, just ride on your own.  Again there is an additional $100 stabling fee

Please note any additional horses are welcome to use the dressage arenas, but no jumping of stadium or cross country fences.

Question: Will I get to ride with every instructor?

Answer: Much of this is dependant on the number of participants. 

Please note that this is a very ‘tentative’ plan and we may have to get additional instructors and tweak the plan if the entries warrant

Question: May I camp in my trailer and still use the shower?

Answer:  Yes, but we may have to post a schedule & set a time limit so there is enough water for everyone 😉

Question:  I’m not wild about camping; can you tell me more about the bunkhouse?

Answer: The bunk house is still a bit primitive.  Basically it is a loft in an old barn that we use as a garage.  You’ll have a roof over your head but no screens.  I do have some cots available but you may want to bring your own air mattress.  The bunk house is located in the same building as the shower.

Question: Are there any local motels?

Answer:  There are motels but all are 12 miles or more away.  Here’s a link to the SGF Google map.  The red icons on the map mark the motels. When you click on the icon you can get directions and phone numbers.

Question: Do I have to bring my own feed and bedding?

Answer: Yes you need to bring your own hay and grain, however if you’re running short we may have a little hay for purchase.  Initial ‘chopped straw’ is provided.  Additional baled straw is available for purchase @ $2 a bale and baled shavings are available for purchase @ $7/bag.  Please let us know if you do NOT want the initial bedding and if you want to purchase additional bedding (not on the registration form)

Question: Area meals included?

Answer:  Some meals are included.  Lunch is provided everyday, a ‘pot luck’ dinner the first night and a cook out on the last night.  A dinner & pontoon boat ride on Guilford Lake is scheduled on Wed for an additional $25.  We will have coolers of water available at all times and snacks.

Question:  Is there turn out available for my horse?

Answer: Yes.  There is a 2 ½ acre pasture that will be available throughout the day and the area around the dressage arenas will be available after lessons.  There will be a sign up sheet to allow all horses to have some time ‘out’.

Question:  What should I bring?


  • Horse – You will need everything for your horse that you use to care for him/her at home and tack that you usually use.  Additionally it is suggested that you bring equipment that you may not generally use which could include: boots, martingale, spurs, different bits etc.  Don’t forget your jumping bat!
  • Rider – everything that you think you may need to be comfortable, but don’t forget the notebook and pen, camera, sunscreen, a chair, swim suit (or something suitable for swimming in) even fishing poles if you like that sort of thing 😉

Question: Is this camp geared more towards kids or adults?  I don’t want to feel out of place.

Answer: Camp is geared towards all riders who want an intensive ‘eventing’ instructional experience.  That being said, this camp probably is leaning more towards adults.  Any participants younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian present.  Parents won’t have to pay an auditing fee, but there will be a small charge for food.







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