Key to the Stars aka ‘Jill’


Jill is a 6 year old, 16.1, TB (with a TIP number) mare who came to Stone Gate Farm as unstarted coming 3 year old.  Jill has always been pleasant, willing and a quick study.  Because she of her laid back attitude and being uncomplicated to ride while being brave to the jumps she will make some adult amateur or junior rider a great partner.  Just recently, after not being ridden for 5 days, she was very good in a lesson with a 15 year old D 2 Pony Clubber who had never ridden her before yet she has  successfully completed 5 events at the Training level.  Don’t let the TB mare scare you away from looking at this girl.

Helmet cams:

Spring Bay 2014 – Training

Loudoun 2014 – Training

South Farm 2014 – Training