Mountain Trail Challenge

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Sept 11 Update:


Photos from the August Trail Challenge can be found on Face Book at Gia Nicole Photography

August 2nd Update:

Check out the Drone Pic of the Trail Park

Master Drone Pic

There are two versions of patterns. The first is an online version where you can click on the numbers to view a picture of the obstacle, you can see the actual track taken when measuring the course and you can click on the print icon to print a copy of the map. The second version of the maps are printable PDF’s that use the grone pic above along with more detailed instructions.  If you only have time for one, download the pdf’s.

My Course Walk Patterns (there is an app available for your smart phone)

Printable PDF’s



July 6th NEWS:

  • The trail course is open ever Wed for schooling. We are requesting that people sign up to give us an idea of who to expect and so the course doesn’t get too crowded. Sign Up now
  • Back by popular demand is Ashley Gruber, IMTCA Certified Judge, who will be available for small group lessons Sat July 14th.  It will also be a schooling day. Sign Up now
  • The course is available at different time for individuals and / or groups by appointment.  Contact Jackie  at
  • Entry forms and on-line entry are now available for the Aug 5th and Sept 15 Trail Challenges.  Scroll down for links.
  • Both competitions will be eligible for the regions’ year end awards.

June News:

We are excited to announce that we are building a Mountain Trail Course.  We believe that this will be a great compliment to what we’re already doing on the farm.  Mountain Trail like Eventing stresses good horsemanship, developing a partnership with your horse, challenging you and your horse while having fun! check out the drone video (we have added a lot to the course since the video was taken)

A Challenge will test a horse and rider’s ability to navigate both natural and man-made obstacles in a safe manner and with technical skills that demonstrate great horsemanship. The Challenges are judged events designed to show the confidence, boldness and athletic ability of all breeds and disciplines of horses (including Minis) and mules while being challenged by trail obstacles. Judging combines technical and stylistic elements coupled with consideration of “degree of difficulty.” Each show will have three levels of difficulty that are designed to challenge but not intimidate riders. Attire and tack required for participating must be neat, clean and in good working order. Boots with a heel and HELMETS ARE REQUIRED OF ALL RIDERS!

For more information on Mountain Trail go the International Mountain Trail Association’s website. We will be following the IMTCA Rules & will be using IMTCA Judges.  Check out the links for the IMTCA Rulebook and Judge Reference 2018.

The Trail Challenges

Below is a flyer for the Challenges, and link to entry forms and a link to an on-line sign up. On-line pre-entry is preferred and it saves you money & the chance to win a free schooling.  Be sure to follow Stone Gate Farm on Face Book for updates

Link to Printable Challenge Flyer

Link to On-Line Entry form

Entry form

Challenge Flyer