Schooling ~ Cross Country, Show Jumping, and Trail Course


  • Every Wednesday –  weather permitting until further notice
  • Sat Sept 1
  • Sat Sept 8
  • Fri Sept 14

Welcome to the Open Schooling Days which now includes the NEW Trail Course. We are requesting pre-registration ONLY to get an idea of how many riders to expect and if we need to tweak the schedule. Entries may be accepted the day of the Summer Schooling Series as space is available. The Sign Up for the subsequent schooling days will be posted  at 9:00 PM at the completion of the current schooling day. 

If you can’t make it on a scheduled schooling day, contact Jackie for an appointment.

Sign Up now

Riders will have the choice of the following areas:

  • Show Jumping – a course will be set up
  • Cross Country 
  • Trail Course  

Dressage arenas are down for the season

Cross Country Schooling:

  • must have a ground person
  • Sign up times are approximate, but we are trying to keep the number of horses on course to a safe number

Show Jumping:

  • must have a ground person
  • up to a half hour / per person
  • riders are responsible for setting fences and putting them back where you found them when done.
  • Coaches may sign up to do a group lesson.  Please indicate the number of riders

Trail Course:

  • riders MUST wear HELMETS
  • riders will be limited to avoid congestion
  • riders will have up to 2 hours
  • If you and your horse are not familiar with the obstacles it is recommended that you try the obstacles in hand with a halter and long cotton lead rope


  • Dressage: $15
  • Show Jumping: $20
  • Cross Country: $35
  • Trail Course: $25


  • Sign up for TWO activities & receive a $5 discount
  • Sign up for THREE activities and receive a $10 discount
  • Sign up for all FOUR and receive a $15 discount

Stone Gate Farm Release Form:

  • Only one form /season needs to be signed
  • Link to electronic release form


  • You may park in either the day parking area
  • You are welcome to use a stall while you’re here but PLEASE leave it clean
  • Check in at the Grandstand overlooking the show jumping ring and may be self serve
    • sign in 
    • Pick up your number
    • Pay – make checks payable to Stone Gate LLC, if paying cash please put a sticky note on it with your name on it
    • put payment and release form if applicable in the locking mail which is now located near the new water tank which is located at the east end of the small barn and the porta jons
  • I can be reached at 330-277-6964

For those who don’t have a trainer and who would like some help, contact

Kyle Smith @ 330-277-6592 or Jackie Smith @ 330-277-6964