Volunteer of the Month

Thank you for considering volunteering at Stone Gate Farm!

  • Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding way to get involved with the sport!
  • No experience is required for most volunteer positions.
  • In addition to the information posted on the Volunteer Page, there is a training session each morning before the competition begins which will help our volunteers understand their jobs.
  • There are staff members to help volunteers with questions and other things they need to know to have a fun and enjoyable day at each session.

Examples of jobs for volunteers include:

  • cross country fence judge
  • dressage scribe
  • stadium jump crew
  • score runner
  • hospitality

We love our volunteers and greatly appreciate all their help at our events. However, with the number of competitions we are now running; we are in need for some new recruits so as to not burn out our regular volunteers.

The Perks:

  • NEW for 2018: In addition the the Volunteer of the year Awards, we will now be having a Volunteer of the Month appreciation basket filled with donations from the competitors. To be eligible, volunteers must have an account with  Volunteer Incentive Program aka VIP.in order to track volunteer hours and create a ‘leaderboard.
  • Spend your day in a beautiful setting watching amazing animals and excellent horsemanship! Our volunteers are honored and appreciated!
  • You will be greeted with coffee or hot chocolate and donuts when you arrive to receive your assignment along with your SGF Bucks which can be redeemed for entries, lessons, clinics, stabling, logo wear etc.
  • While working the horse trial as a scribe, runner, in hospitality, as a parking technician, safety coordinator, shuttle driver, fence judging…you will be treated to lunch, beverages and snacks.
  • To thank our wonderful volunteers we ask you to stay and join us for cake or some other treat.

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